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Cades Cove

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

    I've had people ask me here and there when I would start blogging again. After a hilarious talk with my sister today I realized that running and blogging kept me semi sane. Unfortunately I had to have this revelation on the heels of winter. I need to stock up on winter gear I suppose. I don't like the gym..especially the kind that have men whose necks are wider than my entire body who look like they are one sneeze away from a roid rage. I like the open road, nature, fresh smells and I don't mean fresh people smells. 
   Also, lets discuss the ever present elephant in the room not many people have brought up. ME. I am divorced now. No matter what side of the fence you sit on with the idea of the topic, I myself personally don't encourage it. With that being said it was the best thing for me and my boys and my ex. We all are happier now and I can say that with no doubts. I've lost some people over it and I would say friends but..if they were really friends..yeah you get where I am going. Anyway, I felt I should bring it up and save some people the dilemma of wanting to ask but didn't want to seem nosy.
  That's that for today. I ran/walked 2 miles today. Now my legs feel like noodles...tomorrow morning should prove interesting. Especially since my bed sits 4 feet off the don't "fall down" into this bed. You need one of those doggie step ladder things to get into it. If you fall out your in for a long rude painful awakening. Wish me luck!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hay Y'all

Hay Y'all I'm bringing sexy back by way of head lamps. Not really, but at 4:50 am you need some light. This particular "light" gave off about as much light as my phone. Not conducive to seeing mass murders, killer rabbits, holes and such. Met two super ladies today. I was the lagger of the three. I am not sure if lagger is a word. Which reminds me...that moment meet someone and they say "I'm an English major". Automatically, I go into panic mode and feel I need a refresher course. "Did I use, your, your're, there, their etc. the correct way!? There was a reason I was not an English major. I can barely spell much less use the correct word in a sentence. Forgive me and don't judge me, I'm a good person! As the "lagger" I felt like I was watching those horror B movies. The ones where you yell out loud "don't be the lagger!, he's right behind you!!". "That's what you get LAGGER"! Everyone knows the murder waits in the shadows (my computer tried to spell showers, that's a different movie) for the injured, slow person. Lucky for me I made it out of the woods unscathed. I was wishing I had some sort of defensive skills just in case. You never know when a wackadoo is behind you. Most days it's just my boys poking me in my side. They know it's the mom weakness and I literally drop everything and jump around like ants are in my pants. They think it's the funniest thing ever. As harsh as I try to look at them to stop, the laughing confuses them and they continue. Life with boys, you hear, see and endure some mildly rude behavior that most of society would frown upon. I guess that makes me mildly rude as well just by guilt of association.
    Four miles I logged today. I didn't run the entire thing, but as far as I know most people don't rock out four miles on their first try. If they do, awesome, but I can't compare myself to "those" kind. I have plans for tomorrow and I am not sure if my legs will cooperate with the things I need them to do. Am I already making excuses for tomorrow....nah. 
   Speaking of mildly rude. I found the funniest website today. I once thought the dang you auto correct website was hilarious but this is a new funny. Dog shaming. Just google it. My side hurt from laughing so hard.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

moving forward

I have had a very interesting week. I will refrain from being negative. It is easy for people to find faults in others rather than the good. People are just petty.
   I am looking forward and staying positive. I am trying new things and meeting new people. I am really excited about the 5am running thing. If I can just get this sleeping issue behind me I will feel 100% better. Apparently it's an epidemic.
  Another "positive" note. The boys are really enjoying far. Yes I am aware that it has only been 4 days. I can tell Ethan really enjoys the responsibility of being Student Ambassador. Whatever keeps him motivated. I think Eric likes school mainly because the girls love him so. I almost feel bad for the ladies once Eric is older. It will be interesting for them, trying to get through me, and it should just be fun for me. Yep, I am serious.
  I plan to run at 5am in the morning with some very cool ladies and Saturday a self defense class. I am really excited about that....and nervous. I am certain I will look like an idiot but hey if you can't laugh at yourself...........

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

tuesday reflection

I was sitting at a red light and looked over to see this ^. Perfect description of my day and apparently his day as well. I will spare you my morning details because it involves a cat, a floor and my foot. Next. 
 I spent about two hours running errands and realized my shirt was inside out. Sadly, that is not my first rodeo.One thing saved me. My long hair. 
 I managed to run this evening at the gym. Logged my two miles in. All the while with side pain. I don't know why this has started but it is incredibly annoying and needs to stop, immediately. I found a group of ladies that meet and run at 5am a few days a week. I've been trying for a week to meet up with them. Rain delays, school stuff etc has kept me away. Of course I'd be fibbing if I said I wasn't intimated by these ladies that rock out an easy 3 miles several times a week. Oh by the way...I can't run three miles yet....surprise. My thought is, I'd be a third wheel. I love my optimism. Seriously though, I need to tell them I am quite deficient in my running skills. (sighs) I know, I know, you have to start somewhere. Blah blah blah. 
My view, headed to the gym. For anyone wigging out, I was at a red light. The end. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Superior catlings and son-lings

So, if you own a cat you have an interesting life. If you have a stubborn, curious, sassy cat you get this above picture. Those treats were in an above cabinet(closed at that). She sniffs it out, opens the door, knocks them into the floor and proceeds to open the treats. Unassisted. I assure you. Miss Lily thinks she owns the kitchen table, the couch, the bed..basically anywhere she finds. What is completely ridiculous....Lily is a bad influence. Once she thought she could run across the table, bar area and couch, Ramone did  the same thing. Here is the worst human son thought it was a good idea as well.........wait...what????!!!? Yes Eric. Who guessed that? 
  I ran today around the neighborhood. Half hardheartedly I said "who wants to run around the neighborhood?".  Really, did not expect anyone to volunteer. Then...I hear "I'll go". Crap! Now I have a child who wants to run with me. Pressure, harassment, blah. No turning back. 
  When I first started running I could not run the entire neighborhood. Today, I ran without stopping. In the background I hear "wait", "Oh my ankle", " I gotta take a break".  No worries people, Eric was just fine, his ego on the other His day will come but not in elementary lol!!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Some days are grand and some days are.......................
That's a bit of a dramatic picture of myself, but I liked it and it told a story without giving details. On a side note, it's a free photo app on my phone. Free is allllllways good. 
    Some days you feel like running and some days you feel like a nut. If you had to guess which way I leaned today you may be wrong. I did "put on my big girls undies" by the way, I hate/despise/abhor that saying more than mosquito's. THAT is huge. I don't like to use any saying that people have beat into the ground------>like a dead horse. That saying is not obnoxious but rather scary and concerning. I say mosquito's because apparently this house was built on a sacred burial ground for mosquito's. I can walk to the mailbox, 10/20 yards max and need a blood transfusion and a life time supply of hydro cortisone cream. BTW, I just tried to spell hydrowhatchamicallit 4 times before I went and just got the danged tube. I spelled it right, but auto correct wants to add a space between hydro-asdfjhlakjhe. You win auto-correct, you win. 
    All that to say. I ran today. 1.5 miles and walked a mile. I had a Blueberry/peach/spinach/yogurt smoothie for breakfast. Not near as gross as it sounds. However, it does not sit on your belly very long. By the time I made it to the gym my stomach was growling...really?! Can we add that to my day as well...why not. To be optimistic, I felt like the bottom of a shoe and still left the house..better yet, went and ran (hungry and all). It's a step in the right direction. If you don't agree your welcome to come sit out on my patio with the skeeters ;) Just kidding...mostly.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Storms,running,no sleep

    Not in complete order. For me it started last night around 11pm taking a sleeping aide. I started feeling sleepy after midnight and as I am slipping away we get the most intense severe weather ever. Shazam!(a nod to the Andy Griffith Show). Lightning in the backyard. It is safe to say any sort of sleepy evaporated from my body. There goes a good nights rest.....again. I go to our main weather man Spann. There is a Flash flood and high wind advisory for where my sister lives. Too late to call and check on them. Then I scroll down and on the street my Bro and sister in laws live on, is a house fire. Luckily all were OK. Minus a pair of my neighbors across the street. They both had tree damage. So, I am very thankful that the only thing I lost was sleep last night. Can I just say the lightning was non-stop for hours. There was about an hour reprieve early morning and then the second storm came through. Done with my pity party and insomnia.....but really.... shouldn't exercise and good foods help with sleep? 
This is my view while writing this. Cat's don't care and have zero shame. Whatever lily you do yo thing.
 Today was gym day. I set my goal and achieved it. I only increased it by 2/10 of a mile. It's my goal not yours. Some people set huge goals and some set baby goals. I'm totally good with it all. I saw this photo in my news feed from and before anyone gets offended these ladies are all married and provide great advice and neat dating tips for you and your spouse. It's sad I have to clarify that.
As a female this is especially true...for me. Which reminds me of another quote that says "Don't let comparison steal your joy". Today I logged 2.60 miles. I ran 1.80, walked .20 and ran .60 to end. Good day over all.


Friday, July 27, 2012


I ran my puny 1.20 miles today at the gym. I know people scoff at that but everyone has to start somewhere. Rome wasn't built in a day. It is easy to look at others who ran faster and longer and get discouraged. I am well aware there will always be someone smarter, prettier, faster, thinner......I'm good with that. I might as well except that now and move on with life. The pace was decent and if I wasn't so self conscious about the gentleman two treadmills from me, I may have ran longer. The problem was..I was jamming to my music, and he was jamming to nothing. No headphones just staring at TV's with no sound. I was really afraid I sounded like an asthmatic horse. He never turned his head my way, but he could have just been polite and didn't want to stare. 
   Am I the only one that gets excited when I get new cleaning supplies?
My whites will be whiter, my cabinets shinier and my Latrine, well cleaner. I don't know why I am more motivated to clean with new supplies. I guess I am just weird.
  Continuing on...I have an unhealthy obsession with Chap-stick. I am convinced the makers add a drying agent to make consumers keep using and buying and losing it and buying more. I can go from losing 4 tubes to finding 3 tubes in a day. What a happy day it is when I find one.
    I found 3 today <3

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trail Runnning

Does this give you any indication of how my day went? I was overly optimistic when I decided it was a good idea to trail run with the husband, you know one on one time. I can honestly say that was the hardest run I "attempted" since running. Hills go straight up and I narrowly survived walking up them. My turkey and provolone sandwich threatened to make it's way up a few times. Of course husband can run the entire course over and over. Must.Be.Nice. One day I will get to that point. I have a tendency to set a goal and fail...miserably. So, short logical goals are best for me. I was sore an hour after running. That can NOT be good. Just my personal opinion though. I would love an armband and some sort of thingy I can keep water in. I know I say this all the time but I hate carrying anything when I run. I feel like it sucks the energy right out of me. I run better when my arms and hands are free. Or perhaps I am just particularly choosy. I have a few weird quirks when it comes to my comfort in sleeping, eating, tags on my clothes etc. So my hands being forced to hold something when it does not want to grates on my nerves. 
 That's my "no mo pictures" look. I am make-up less hot and nauseated. I just added a nice little filter on this pic so I wouldn't scare anyone away. Fun times. Tomorrows plan is to run earlier. I survived 96 degrees marginally. 
  Oh! I went to the thrift store earlier in the week just to see what I could find. I feel in love with these flats for 4$. There was no wear on them so I was confident I wouldn't contract a foot fungus ;) 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Retro Run and stuff you can see that's me (needing a tan) running. This is the end of the line for me about 30 yards ahead was the finish line. In this moment I had Chas telling/yelling at me to run faster and my mind telling me "your about to puke". I am shocked I didn't. I could not have done this without her talking to me the whole way. Checking my breathing, making sure I wasn't running sideways and reminding me of that rainbow (God's promise) we had most of the run. I felt guilty that she had to run with the newbie while her aunt and bestie were so far ahead. I tried to tell her to go ahead of me but apparently I'm not the only stubborn female in the world, here I thought I was unique.
Before the run, happy and nervous and wondering WHAT I was thinking. Actually most of the day and run I was thinking "what was I thinking!!???????????!!!". So, that's that. My next goal is to improve my pace and time. Nothing about that is fun. I hate hills and the heat but if I focus on the things I don't like it will override all the good things. With anything it is easier to focus on the negative things. I only know a few people that don't focus on negative all the time............gah. There is so much good in life yet negative things seem like they are ten feet tall and bullet proof. While the good things about life and people hide in a corner sucking it's thumb. I'm not perfect nor is my life. Anyway, blah blah blah as your fast forwarding to something else.
    Positive things....making goals and accomplishing them. Your mind gives up before your body does. That's me.
     It was awesome meeting up with an old friend again and meeting new positive people. Looking forward to new races and adventures. 
  On a side note....while I was laughing inside about all the uncomfortable pictures being taken of people who ran the race I found mine. Shame on me....I still wonder why photographers post the most awkward pictures of people you could ever imagine. As we all know, NO ONE ever post a bad picture of themselves on social media.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Retro Run!
 I am super stoked to say I am running my first 5k Saturday evening. Even more exciting than that is, I have a sponsor!!!!! I go into this run not as a competition (by any stretch of the imagination), but to get my feet wet. I am glad someone got the ball rolling for me. I'm sure I would have procrastinated at least until 2013. I have no expectations, except to finish. Also, I get a tee shirt! I love T-shirts. Just ask my sister..or husband. Anyway, everyone I've talked to about it says I will be hooked after the first run. Now, I certainly believe them when they say that but, about's still up in the air. I'd like to think it will be awesome and it won't take me three hours to do. I can picture Jon and the boys being the only ones at the finish line..lights is get the idea. maybe not though, I'll try and be optimistic. Regardless, It will be very interesting and entertaining.

Monday, July 16, 2012

lonely runner

    I have been a bit discouraged these past few weeks. Blogs not posting, general life stress' etc. I was running but not as often as I should have. I started analyzing the cause of this gloominess. My conclusion was that I really didn't have a daily routine. I just kind of went with the day with no structure. I think most can agree we get along better with life when you have a plan, routine, structure. I remembered this great website. 
  It is a SUPER website for getting organized and de-cluttering. I've been reading it for the last two days and feel so much better. I guess I never realized how important a routine is. Now you know I have a cluttered house. Oh well, we can't all be perfect. Kudos to those who are happy all the time with pristine houses or pretend anyway.
     NEXT! My run today. So, another reason my running has slacked. I'm a lonely runner. 
 I don't know many people that run. Maybe I should say I don't know many beginner runners. Most I know run 10 plus miles. I've looked up running clubs, but ones I have found, like with any club, there is a fee. Not.Cool. Why is there a fee for eeeeevvvverything? Speaking of money and rabbit trails which I have just gotten off on. Running can be very costly! Running shoes in themselves are easily over one hundred dollars, not to mention a Garmin. I know for competitive runners, good shoes are a must. Clothes....I wish I was related to the poor sap who runs Lulu Lemon. In passing and I do mean passing Nike running shorts/pants are 70 bucks. I did stop, look at them and ponder how the heck are they that much? I am cheap, rather thrifty. That sounds more appealing. The running clothes are cute, so are purses and 100 dollar jeans. Maybe one day(when Dave Ramsey allows)......(daydreaming of that day). 
     Anyway, my run today. I did my normal 5 minute warm-up and then ran my mile. Halfway through I just took my head phones off. I hate them. I feel like that wrap around my arms and I can't be as fluid with my shoulders and arms. Once "they" were gone my run became more fluid. I just stared at the tv's trying to zone out. I'm not really sure of my time but I will make a point of pin-pointing it tomorrow. Unless it's like 19 minutes or something. I know my friend Chas will laugh at my measly mile but I also know she is proud of anyone striving toward their goals. Thanks for that Chas. 

   I kept this "in mind" the entire run. It is so true. Especially for me. So after the mile I walked a half mile and began running again. Then "it" happened. The be all end all. I'm not saying I said bad words because bad words constitute using speech sounds that produce words. In my head it was more like what  whathareaohmgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr as my head phone wires get tangled in my HANDS and propels my phone between my legs 10 feet behind me on the floor. OH-MY-GOSH-ARE-YOU-FOR REAL-THAT-JUST-HAPPENED-#$@$#&^%*&$#!#@!#@^%$ then a bunch of fuzzy words as I get back on the treadmill and started walking. Because, at this point I could have used my death ray stare at "the Headphones". I certainly was not running anymore because I was so mad.
 I am certain this was my face. Minus the headband. Anyone have an armband for an iphone 3gs they no longer use? (remember I'm thrifty). I know you don't want me to have that face you??????????? I cooled down, literally, mentally and physically. I ended up running a mile and walking a mile. All in all the good out weighed the bad.
 Hot, sweaty, oily and red. Anyone know the reason behind some people turning into a beet while running and others look.......normal.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Convenient, national running day

True story.
...............................................................The end.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lady Speed Stick Women's Half Marathon (& 5K) Giveaway

I'm sharing this for my bud over at

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I had company for this run. I decided for this "training" I would run my neighborhood. I thought I would give my neighbors something to giggle about as I struggled like a lame horse. I'd love to know if I actually looked like a lame horse. this

Either way it's not very becoming. I'd like to think someone would bring that to my attention. I figure one of my boys would tell me. Anyway, back on track. I thought I would have a peaceful run (if that's possible) alone, at the very least. But, Eric wanted to join me and assured me he could run faster and longer than me. Piff! Proved him wrong. ;) It was a decent run, it was hot and the hills killed me but I kept running until it was time to start walking again. I could have used a little less hey momma, momma, momma, momma but it did help in a way by temporarily distracting me every 30 seconds. Then Ethan joined us for the last lap. No shirt, no shoes, on the pavement running. Whadaya do..
Tomorrow starts week four. I'm excited, I guess. I wish I had a treadmill at home. Maybe one day though it may be frowned upon in a town home. I'm sure my boys are quite enough aggravation for the nice neighbors on both sides of me who don't have kids.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Still going

I'm still running. Slow and steady wins the race. Weeeee. Anyway, motivation is a -1. I'm running at the gym. I am probably running a mile per 30 mintues, I'm sure that will win some sort of prize....right? I really need to sign up for a 5k to stay motivated. It's hard to be the internal cheerleader when I've never been the cheerleader.
If you people have not yet met your weekly good deed requirements for the week, feel free to use it for me! If anyone has any extra internal cheerleaders they can spare, I can send you my address.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Week 3 Day 1

Yesterday I completed week 3 day 1. I had back to back training. That's not my preference. I like to give myself(my irrational hip) at least a day rest in between. I survive only because I ran at the gym both days. I actually went 10 minutes over the regular training requirements. My only issue is that my ear bud wires keep getting tangled in my fingers as I run. So completely obnoxious. I need an arm band for sure. However, with my indecisiveness of music selection that may become a pain reaching for my arm so often.
 School is out for the summer for my boys. My oldest is at his buddies house and it is just me and my youngest tonight. What to do? Eric said go to an Alabama football game...not the season bud...what about a SEC game...not time...a baseball game? Ummm, no games tonight? IJump....closed on Thursday's. Eww. This is turning into a very uneventful sad evening for him. He's outside watering the yard as we speak. Poor fellow. Maybe I will take him to Mcdonalds, what better way to ruin a kids insides than by taking him to a fast food joint. Mom of the year? Does the grease cancel out with playing on the playground. As active as he is he could probably use the extra calories. I wish I could bottle that energy up and inject it into me! Let me rephrase, he watered the yard and attempted to wash the car. When he walked by with the duster buster I found that out.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I took a longer repose than normal from WK 2 day 2 to WK 2 day 3. Hip issues, busy, tired, homemade water slide. I think it worked to my advantage. I went to my climate controlled heaven, aka the gym. I ran the last eight and a half minutes. Though the program calls for 90 seconds run, 2 mins walking for week 2. I felt like I could run longer so I diverted from the norm. It was super awesome. I honestly don't remember the last time I ran that long. I know for most of the population 8.5 minutes is laughable and amusing to most runners. I like to think myself humble (which by even suggesting I am humble makes me haughty). This is after all is a diary to a degree of couch to 5k. 
Random, my oldest ran in a one day/no prior practice, track and field event sponsored by The Trak Shak. He finished third in his heat. In the above pic he is in the blue shorts. There were kids that I believe ran faster than I ever could. It was impressive. Next training starts with week three, Day 1. Which if I recall is basically the same as week 2. 
My tee-shirt read today "failure is not an option". Thrift store find, for a 1$. Score!
Stole this from Chas :)
yo momma runs, foam earbuds

Friday, May 18, 2012

Week 2 day 2

Today was national pull out in front of someone day on 280. My car was the target. It was amazing. I wish it would happen every day. O_o
I get to the park and it is BLAZING hot. I kick myself (again) for going to the park to run instead of the gym.  The entire thing was pretty much unbearable start to finish. I've got to run early in the morning or at the gym. I am too old to torture myself this way. I think if I had any amount of shade It would have been a bit better. 
I made it through day 2 of the second week. That is all I can say today. My hip pain is there, but it's controllable. I can run and walk and the pain is not unbearable. When I lay on that side it aches, stairs, sitting for a period of time, you know just the normal actions of living. No big deal. Jon brought me home a cobb salad from his work and lava cake that was the highlight of my day! WIN

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Week 2 day 1

So........thankfully this was not my entire day. Just the part where I attempt to use the internet. Google Chrome you make me VERY sad...or mad if you reference the above. I probably looked close to the first picture and wanted to do the second photo, but do have a stitch of self control. Speaking of sad/mad. Pandora is dead to me. I am sick of commercials and freezing up. Bye. I switch to I heart radio. No commercials, no silence. Thanks Jon White. Two thumbs down Pandora. SHESH! All that that to say, I went to the gym today to run. Umm, Oh my, so much better than dying out in the wilderness or being dragged off a trail by a nut. would be proud, I kept my mouth closed while running the whole time. :) I felt I could run longer with the climate controlled Big *** fans they have. I don't promote cursing but that is actually what they are called. No nausea, no bugs no heat stroke. This couch 25k is so awesome and slow. I don't stick with things. This I have stuck with. This blog keeps me motivated. Join this site, follow me, leave me messages. You just don't understand how much it helps. Who doesn't love motivation? Anywho, treadmill don't get that awesome nature/flower/tree/fresh/sky/bee sting/ feeling. Companies would be wise to along with the fan option on the treadmill to add the nature flower smell within the fan. Makes sense to me! When I got bored I had a plethora of TV's ranging from the food network(REALLY???!...insert i die for pasta don't show me pasta at the gym) to Fox news to a voluptuous women/man discussing celebrity topics. I think I am spoiled. Climate controlled running. WIN!  All I know is Week 2, Day 1 yes!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 3 (late)

I look as if this is my last few yards of the run. I don't know if  I even picked my feet up or was just shuffling along. (Every day I'm shuffling.... shuffling ) Is that a song? Apparently it's a song in my head. I woke up this day completely unmotivated. I was tired and had zero energy. My weather app said 76

The above is an idea of how much wind there was that day. A big fat nothing. So, yes 76 does seem pleasant but with no wind it's torture.  On a random note which is how my brain works. Am I the only one who misspells words so terribly that auto correct has no idea what your attempting to communicate......It's a theme in my life. If I don't see "no replacements found' at least once a day I feel lost. Not really, I would LOVE to be one of these grammar Nazis'. My point here, is it Nazis, Nazis', or Nazis's. I don't know!! I just misspelled grammar. There is no hope for me. Moving on. I completed my first week of "training". I feel silly saying that. My hip pain was with me anytime I stopped to walk and all day yesterday. It is manageable. I was reading up on bursitis/tendinitis. A lot of people seek a sports chiropractor and find that their back is totally out of whack or their pelvis is misaligned causing one leg to be longer. Symptoms can be similar to bursitis, allegedly. Perhaps a SC will be in my future. I am looking forward to this three day rest. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

My oldest son picked these for me today. So sweet :) I need to wash my windows as well. Our front door has a glass door to. It is absolutely covered with hand prints. I clean the door and literally 10 seconds later it is covered again. Needless to just stays dirty. If I know I will have company I wash it and threaten the boys every other minute to NOT TO TOUCH THE GLASS. Our car windows are just as bad. I figure I still have about 3 or 4 more years of this nonsense. Tomorrow's high is 80...I'll try and run earlier in the day to avoid nausea and heat stroke. Yes I am aware 80 is not 90 but my internal temperature gauge is a bit sensitive.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Do Something: Day 2

Do Something: Day 2: Today was the absolute perfect running weather. If only everyday was this glorious! 71 degrees! SUPER!  I decided to stay around my ne...

Day 2

Today was the absolute perfect running weather. If only everyday was this glorious! 71 degrees! SUPER! 
I decided to stay around my neighborhood and explore a few places I had not been before. It definitely kicked my butt. It's funny when driving you really don't notice hills. That being said the training was easier today. I had cold cereal(raisin bran). I did have a few side stitches, but they went away. Nausea hit just once after running a hill and that was it! I had two dogs who joined me for a short time. A three legged husky and a cocker spaniel. Unfortunately these pretty dogs had escaped their home. The husky was found but not the Spaniel. After my cool down I got a familiar twinge in my hip. Back in the summer last year I began walking at the park and got this same pain. I think it's trochanteric  bursitis. After my exercise high it took a depressing plummet. This is Day 2 of a 2 month training. Why...why...why! I'm quite stubborn. My plan is ibuprofen and stretches. Unless my hip falls off I have zero plans to give up. So take that Bursitis. The plan is rest tomorrow and run again Friday.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A quick post. I am sore today. My stairs are manageable though. Tomorrow is Day 2 of training. I hope it's not as hot as Monday. The plan is little to no food before the run. I am curious to see how that helps with the nausea. I know the heat didn't help last time. The above image made me laugh a little..that is me at the moment!

Monday, May 7, 2012

A few words to describe the first half of my day.  Exciting, hot, humid, cloudless. I woke this morning with a hop in my step. I forgot that was possible! In my head I think Day 1, lets do this! Whoohooo! I was debating on my "pre-training" snack. No food/food. I think back to my hideous attitude without food (that goes for lack of sleep as well). I settle on two wheat waffles with honey and a handful of grapes...and water. I eat and go to the park. It has a good running route (says me, who doesn't run). Though I have it in good authority (per my hunny bun), it is a good place to die, I mean stroke, darn computer keys! He says run.   A five minute warm up as my app tells me to do. Brisk walking I go. Can I just say I love my iphone. I open Pandora, open my training app and go. At least I plan on justgetgoing ;) I run 60 seconds walk 90 seconds. Back and forth until 20 mins is up. That would be a short blog wouldn't it? I wish I had the stamina of my sister. Though younger she had/has the drive and lungs to just go. Envious..pretty much. Back on track, Sarah. The first four or five of my 60 second runs went well. Whenever the nice lady in my ear said "now walk" for 90 seconds, I was singing the Hallelujah chorus. For all of the 90 seconds. I was sucking wind like a, well, like a chic who never runs. I was racking my brain to remember if you are supposed to breathe in your nose out your mouth or in nose out nose...I was too weak to google it on my phone because at that point I. DID. NOT. CARE. Obviously, I did not go right along with the designed day 1 program, but I never stopped walking. To give myself some credit I did run 3/4 of the required running. The nice lady in my ear says "time for your cool down". I without hesitation plant my sad out of shape self at the God's sent bench right in front of me. Head between my legs angry with myself for eating before this endeavor. After a minute I walk lopsided along the trail. In my head I am hoping no one is watching me in this weak state and is going to rip me off the trail. Mental note, mace. It really felt close to 100 degrees. Internally....4700 degrees. I may exaggerate at times but in my head it totally seems legit. My tank is 100% cotton. Not a thread wicks to my advantage. Side note, retailers would be geniuses to buy wicking fabrics to cater to any women who is close to heat stroke at any point during the day. I know I have an amen corner with pre-menapuse. I believe all clothes should have this. To sum up my day. Acceptable, in light of not being a perfectionist. Trial and error and hotness and I wish I meant I was HOTT and not the true meaning of sweating and heaving. 
an out of focus pretty flower on my run/walk/die/session
My first blog....I meet an engaging mom at my sons soccer game. She inspired me to step out and do some things I have not done before. 1.Blog 2.Run. Not to give her complete credit, I had been thinking about the running thing for a few days. I see random people on FB delight in this torture (my opinion not theirs). I weigh the benefits in my head. Fix that jiggle,yes! Lower cholesterol,sure! Relieve stress, I'm in! Then my cynical side kicks into gear. I have an immediate flashback to High school track. I won't say I was the least talented but I will say I was not determined. I have zip, zilch, zero will power.I usually give up mainly because it is easier to do (duh). We all have our faults. That's mine. So, don't hold it against me. Anyway, I hear of these superhuman people running miles and miles and well you see the pattern. In the heat at that! Another flashback to band camps in the dead of summer. I thought I was dying then and I was just standing there in the heat..dying. Running in the heat sounds like a sure fire recipe for unseemly bodily convulsions. Not only unattractive but demoralizing. Not to mention having moves things around inside. I'm not a DR. but I know there is a difference. I will leave it at that. I researched running(what any good procrastinator does), what to eat before running, what to wear and even a system to go from couch to 5k. It sounds awesome. I can totally run 60 seconds and then walk 90 seconds and so on. Tomorrow is the day. I've checked the weather, muggy and 80ish. Perfect weather for puking I mean training..whatever. I don't look forward to it but I know it is something with many benefits. My husband runs so he is stoked about the possible running buddy. I should have more positive thoughts but I think I can feel my lungs aching already. Stay tuned!