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Cades Cove

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 3 (late)

I look as if this is my last few yards of the run. I don't know if  I even picked my feet up or was just shuffling along. (Every day I'm shuffling.... shuffling ) Is that a song? Apparently it's a song in my head. I woke up this day completely unmotivated. I was tired and had zero energy. My weather app said 76

The above is an idea of how much wind there was that day. A big fat nothing. So, yes 76 does seem pleasant but with no wind it's torture.  On a random note which is how my brain works. Am I the only one who misspells words so terribly that auto correct has no idea what your attempting to communicate......It's a theme in my life. If I don't see "no replacements found' at least once a day I feel lost. Not really, I would LOVE to be one of these grammar Nazis'. My point here, is it Nazis, Nazis', or Nazis's. I don't know!! I just misspelled grammar. There is no hope for me. Moving on. I completed my first week of "training". I feel silly saying that. My hip pain was with me anytime I stopped to walk and all day yesterday. It is manageable. I was reading up on bursitis/tendinitis. A lot of people seek a sports chiropractor and find that their back is totally out of whack or their pelvis is misaligned causing one leg to be longer. Symptoms can be similar to bursitis, allegedly. Perhaps a SC will be in my future. I am looking forward to this three day rest. 

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