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Cades Cove

Friday, October 4, 2013

       I started a blog in April-ish of 2012 because I was attempting the couch to 5k and it just seemed logical to share my misery of doing such with my people. I've never been one of these runners who loves running. I started because I needed to, I wanted to do a 5k and it was/is healthy. When I see these poor winded people running down the road or at the park..I'm not envious. Not even remotely..most of my thoughts are...I really don't like running AND I'm glad that's not me. Maybe I am the only one who feels this way or the only person who has openly expressed this opinion. If there are others out there like me, I allow you to use this as a vehicle to express your dislike to running as well. I fought the feeling for a while. My mindset was, everyone starting out doesn't like it..and then after months of this..I realized that my mind had not changed and probably never would. With that being said I'll have a lot of complaining about running and or exercising but also other how hilarious my cat is or how my child is almost 12 and is knocking on the moody hormonal door. Now, some people could care less but for those of you who are nosy like I am I'd probably read my blog as well. It's an outlet I enjoyed and needed to get back to it. 
    Ramone, as most of you know is my cat who was graciously given to me about two years ago. You will hear a lot about him...mostly because as I've said in previous posts he is the poster child for Valium and or anti social behavior  Prime example. Last weekend we had a visitor. Ramone was perched in front of the window on top of the couch. I noticed he had popped up then crouched down and then started swaying back and forth...weird was my first thought then he begins to bob his head up and down while swaying. Humorous at that point I thought what on earth has he seen..then I hear a knock at the door and at that point he bolts off the couch and sprints down the hallway and hides under the bed. My first thought was...omg this cat is exactly like me when a stranger comes to the door. Once again maybe I am the only person that tries to ignore the dreaded unexpected knock on the door. I'm the type that sinks into the couch hoping no one saw my head through the window..melts into the floor like a ninja and finds the safest window to slowly peak out of to see the dreaded. Normally company comes when no shower has been taken and i'm still in lounge clothes...probably bra-less...tmi...but the truth. 
    So, this was "get my feet wet" blog. Follow me, join with google friend and comment. We can vent together about kids and exercise and whatever else I happen to write about. It keeps me encouraged to continue writing. One thing I ask. Don't grammar Nazi me.  About the only thing that may be correct is spelling and that is only because I have spell check. Love me for who I am....  :-)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

    I've had people ask me here and there when I would start blogging again. After a hilarious talk with my sister today I realized that running and blogging kept me semi sane. Unfortunately I had to have this revelation on the heels of winter. I need to stock up on winter gear I suppose. I don't like the gym..especially the kind that have men whose necks are wider than my entire body who look like they are one sneeze away from a roid rage. I like the open road, nature, fresh smells and I don't mean fresh people smells. 
   Also, lets discuss the ever present elephant in the room not many people have brought up. ME. I am divorced now. No matter what side of the fence you sit on with the idea of the topic, I myself personally don't encourage it. With that being said it was the best thing for me and my boys and my ex. We all are happier now and I can say that with no doubts. I've lost some people over it and I would say friends but..if they were really friends..yeah you get where I am going. Anyway, I felt I should bring it up and save some people the dilemma of wanting to ask but didn't want to seem nosy.
  That's that for today. I ran/walked 2 miles today. Now my legs feel like noodles...tomorrow morning should prove interesting. Especially since my bed sits 4 feet off the don't "fall down" into this bed. You need one of those doggie step ladder things to get into it. If you fall out your in for a long rude painful awakening. Wish me luck!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hay Y'all

Hay Y'all I'm bringing sexy back by way of head lamps. Not really, but at 4:50 am you need some light. This particular "light" gave off about as much light as my phone. Not conducive to seeing mass murders, killer rabbits, holes and such. Met two super ladies today. I was the lagger of the three. I am not sure if lagger is a word. Which reminds me...that moment meet someone and they say "I'm an English major". Automatically, I go into panic mode and feel I need a refresher course. "Did I use, your, your're, there, their etc. the correct way!? There was a reason I was not an English major. I can barely spell much less use the correct word in a sentence. Forgive me and don't judge me, I'm a good person! As the "lagger" I felt like I was watching those horror B movies. The ones where you yell out loud "don't be the lagger!, he's right behind you!!". "That's what you get LAGGER"! Everyone knows the murder waits in the shadows (my computer tried to spell showers, that's a different movie) for the injured, slow person. Lucky for me I made it out of the woods unscathed. I was wishing I had some sort of defensive skills just in case. You never know when a wackadoo is behind you. Most days it's just my boys poking me in my side. They know it's the mom weakness and I literally drop everything and jump around like ants are in my pants. They think it's the funniest thing ever. As harsh as I try to look at them to stop, the laughing confuses them and they continue. Life with boys, you hear, see and endure some mildly rude behavior that most of society would frown upon. I guess that makes me mildly rude as well just by guilt of association.
    Four miles I logged today. I didn't run the entire thing, but as far as I know most people don't rock out four miles on their first try. If they do, awesome, but I can't compare myself to "those" kind. I have plans for tomorrow and I am not sure if my legs will cooperate with the things I need them to do. Am I already making excuses for tomorrow....nah. 
   Speaking of mildly rude. I found the funniest website today. I once thought the dang you auto correct website was hilarious but this is a new funny. Dog shaming. Just google it. My side hurt from laughing so hard.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

moving forward

I have had a very interesting week. I will refrain from being negative. It is easy for people to find faults in others rather than the good. People are just petty.
   I am looking forward and staying positive. I am trying new things and meeting new people. I am really excited about the 5am running thing. If I can just get this sleeping issue behind me I will feel 100% better. Apparently it's an epidemic.
  Another "positive" note. The boys are really enjoying far. Yes I am aware that it has only been 4 days. I can tell Ethan really enjoys the responsibility of being Student Ambassador. Whatever keeps him motivated. I think Eric likes school mainly because the girls love him so. I almost feel bad for the ladies once Eric is older. It will be interesting for them, trying to get through me, and it should just be fun for me. Yep, I am serious.
  I plan to run at 5am in the morning with some very cool ladies and Saturday a self defense class. I am really excited about that....and nervous. I am certain I will look like an idiot but hey if you can't laugh at yourself...........

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

tuesday reflection

I was sitting at a red light and looked over to see this ^. Perfect description of my day and apparently his day as well. I will spare you my morning details because it involves a cat, a floor and my foot. Next. 
 I spent about two hours running errands and realized my shirt was inside out. Sadly, that is not my first rodeo.One thing saved me. My long hair. 
 I managed to run this evening at the gym. Logged my two miles in. All the while with side pain. I don't know why this has started but it is incredibly annoying and needs to stop, immediately. I found a group of ladies that meet and run at 5am a few days a week. I've been trying for a week to meet up with them. Rain delays, school stuff etc has kept me away. Of course I'd be fibbing if I said I wasn't intimated by these ladies that rock out an easy 3 miles several times a week. Oh by the way...I can't run three miles yet....surprise. My thought is, I'd be a third wheel. I love my optimism. Seriously though, I need to tell them I am quite deficient in my running skills. (sighs) I know, I know, you have to start somewhere. Blah blah blah. 
My view, headed to the gym. For anyone wigging out, I was at a red light. The end. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Superior catlings and son-lings

So, if you own a cat you have an interesting life. If you have a stubborn, curious, sassy cat you get this above picture. Those treats were in an above cabinet(closed at that). She sniffs it out, opens the door, knocks them into the floor and proceeds to open the treats. Unassisted. I assure you. Miss Lily thinks she owns the kitchen table, the couch, the bed..basically anywhere she finds. What is completely ridiculous....Lily is a bad influence. Once she thought she could run across the table, bar area and couch, Ramone did  the same thing. Here is the worst human son thought it was a good idea as well.........wait...what????!!!? Yes Eric. Who guessed that? 
  I ran today around the neighborhood. Half hardheartedly I said "who wants to run around the neighborhood?".  Really, did not expect anyone to volunteer. Then...I hear "I'll go". Crap! Now I have a child who wants to run with me. Pressure, harassment, blah. No turning back. 
  When I first started running I could not run the entire neighborhood. Today, I ran without stopping. In the background I hear "wait", "Oh my ankle", " I gotta take a break".  No worries people, Eric was just fine, his ego on the other His day will come but not in elementary lol!!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Some days are grand and some days are.......................
That's a bit of a dramatic picture of myself, but I liked it and it told a story without giving details. On a side note, it's a free photo app on my phone. Free is allllllways good. 
    Some days you feel like running and some days you feel like a nut. If you had to guess which way I leaned today you may be wrong. I did "put on my big girls undies" by the way, I hate/despise/abhor that saying more than mosquito's. THAT is huge. I don't like to use any saying that people have beat into the ground------>like a dead horse. That saying is not obnoxious but rather scary and concerning. I say mosquito's because apparently this house was built on a sacred burial ground for mosquito's. I can walk to the mailbox, 10/20 yards max and need a blood transfusion and a life time supply of hydro cortisone cream. BTW, I just tried to spell hydrowhatchamicallit 4 times before I went and just got the danged tube. I spelled it right, but auto correct wants to add a space between hydro-asdfjhlakjhe. You win auto-correct, you win. 
    All that to say. I ran today. 1.5 miles and walked a mile. I had a Blueberry/peach/spinach/yogurt smoothie for breakfast. Not near as gross as it sounds. However, it does not sit on your belly very long. By the time I made it to the gym my stomach was growling...really?! Can we add that to my day as well...why not. To be optimistic, I felt like the bottom of a shoe and still left the house..better yet, went and ran (hungry and all). It's a step in the right direction. If you don't agree your welcome to come sit out on my patio with the skeeters ;) Just kidding...mostly.