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Cades Cove

Monday, May 7, 2012

A few words to describe the first half of my day.  Exciting, hot, humid, cloudless. I woke this morning with a hop in my step. I forgot that was possible! In my head I think Day 1, lets do this! Whoohooo! I was debating on my "pre-training" snack. No food/food. I think back to my hideous attitude without food (that goes for lack of sleep as well). I settle on two wheat waffles with honey and a handful of grapes...and water. I eat and go to the park. It has a good running route (says me, who doesn't run). Though I have it in good authority (per my hunny bun), it is a good place to die, I mean stroke, darn computer keys! He says run.   A five minute warm up as my app tells me to do. Brisk walking I go. Can I just say I love my iphone. I open Pandora, open my training app and go. At least I plan on justgetgoing ;) I run 60 seconds walk 90 seconds. Back and forth until 20 mins is up. That would be a short blog wouldn't it? I wish I had the stamina of my sister. Though younger she had/has the drive and lungs to just go. Envious..pretty much. Back on track, Sarah. The first four or five of my 60 second runs went well. Whenever the nice lady in my ear said "now walk" for 90 seconds, I was singing the Hallelujah chorus. For all of the 90 seconds. I was sucking wind like a, well, like a chic who never runs. I was racking my brain to remember if you are supposed to breathe in your nose out your mouth or in nose out nose...I was too weak to google it on my phone because at that point I. DID. NOT. CARE. Obviously, I did not go right along with the designed day 1 program, but I never stopped walking. To give myself some credit I did run 3/4 of the required running. The nice lady in my ear says "time for your cool down". I without hesitation plant my sad out of shape self at the God's sent bench right in front of me. Head between my legs angry with myself for eating before this endeavor. After a minute I walk lopsided along the trail. In my head I am hoping no one is watching me in this weak state and is going to rip me off the trail. Mental note, mace. It really felt close to 100 degrees. Internally....4700 degrees. I may exaggerate at times but in my head it totally seems legit. My tank is 100% cotton. Not a thread wicks to my advantage. Side note, retailers would be geniuses to buy wicking fabrics to cater to any women who is close to heat stroke at any point during the day. I know I have an amen corner with pre-menapuse. I believe all clothes should have this. To sum up my day. Acceptable, in light of not being a perfectionist. Trial and error and hotness and I wish I meant I was HOTT and not the true meaning of sweating and heaving. 
an out of focus pretty flower on my run/walk/die/session


  1. You did it! Every day you'll learn something new with what works with you for eating/drinking, and I'm seriously respecting anyone who runs outside right now. It is so hot!