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Cades Cove

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Storms,running,no sleep

    Not in complete order. For me it started last night around 11pm taking a sleeping aide. I started feeling sleepy after midnight and as I am slipping away we get the most intense severe weather ever. Shazam!(a nod to the Andy Griffith Show). Lightning in the backyard. It is safe to say any sort of sleepy evaporated from my body. There goes a good nights rest.....again. I go to our main weather man Spann. There is a Flash flood and high wind advisory for where my sister lives. Too late to call and check on them. Then I scroll down and on the street my Bro and sister in laws live on, is a house fire. Luckily all were OK. Minus a pair of my neighbors across the street. They both had tree damage. So, I am very thankful that the only thing I lost was sleep last night. Can I just say the lightning was non-stop for hours. There was about an hour reprieve early morning and then the second storm came through. Done with my pity party and insomnia.....but really.... shouldn't exercise and good foods help with sleep? 
This is my view while writing this. Cat's don't care and have zero shame. Whatever lily you do yo thing.
 Today was gym day. I set my goal and achieved it. I only increased it by 2/10 of a mile. It's my goal not yours. Some people set huge goals and some set baby goals. I'm totally good with it all. I saw this photo in my news feed from and before anyone gets offended these ladies are all married and provide great advice and neat dating tips for you and your spouse. It's sad I have to clarify that.
As a female this is especially true...for me. Which reminds me of another quote that says "Don't let comparison steal your joy". Today I logged 2.60 miles. I ran 1.80, walked .20 and ran .60 to end. Good day over all.



  1. You aren't kidding about those storms! I've never seen anything like it!! Great job on your running!!