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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Week 3 Day 1

Yesterday I completed week 3 day 1. I had back to back training. That's not my preference. I like to give myself(my irrational hip) at least a day rest in between. I survive only because I ran at the gym both days. I actually went 10 minutes over the regular training requirements. My only issue is that my ear bud wires keep getting tangled in my fingers as I run. So completely obnoxious. I need an arm band for sure. However, with my indecisiveness of music selection that may become a pain reaching for my arm so often.
 School is out for the summer for my boys. My oldest is at his buddies house and it is just me and my youngest tonight. What to do? Eric said go to an Alabama football game...not the season bud...what about a SEC game...not time...a baseball game? Ummm, no games tonight? IJump....closed on Thursday's. Eww. This is turning into a very uneventful sad evening for him. He's outside watering the yard as we speak. Poor fellow. Maybe I will take him to Mcdonalds, what better way to ruin a kids insides than by taking him to a fast food joint. Mom of the year? Does the grease cancel out with playing on the playground. As active as he is he could probably use the extra calories. I wish I could bottle that energy up and inject it into me! Let me rephrase, he watered the yard and attempted to wash the car. When he walked by with the duster buster I found that out.  Wish me luck!


  1. i think i have an arm band for an mp3 player if you want it.. i can mail it to you.. <3 good job dont give up!!

    1. I sent you a message..I am sorry I didnt see this sooner..

  2. Mandi! I did not see your post!!! I am so sorry!! Thank you for the encouragement. I have an iphone 3gs...I wonder if the arm band would work?