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Monday, July 16, 2012

lonely runner

    I have been a bit discouraged these past few weeks. Blogs not posting, general life stress' etc. I was running but not as often as I should have. I started analyzing the cause of this gloominess. My conclusion was that I really didn't have a daily routine. I just kind of went with the day with no structure. I think most can agree we get along better with life when you have a plan, routine, structure. I remembered this great website. 
  It is a SUPER website for getting organized and de-cluttering. I've been reading it for the last two days and feel so much better. I guess I never realized how important a routine is. Now you know I have a cluttered house. Oh well, we can't all be perfect. Kudos to those who are happy all the time with pristine houses or pretend anyway.
     NEXT! My run today. So, another reason my running has slacked. I'm a lonely runner. 
 I don't know many people that run. Maybe I should say I don't know many beginner runners. Most I know run 10 plus miles. I've looked up running clubs, but ones I have found, like with any club, there is a fee. Not.Cool. Why is there a fee for eeeeevvvverything? Speaking of money and rabbit trails which I have just gotten off on. Running can be very costly! Running shoes in themselves are easily over one hundred dollars, not to mention a Garmin. I know for competitive runners, good shoes are a must. Clothes....I wish I was related to the poor sap who runs Lulu Lemon. In passing and I do mean passing Nike running shorts/pants are 70 bucks. I did stop, look at them and ponder how the heck are they that much? I am cheap, rather thrifty. That sounds more appealing. The running clothes are cute, so are purses and 100 dollar jeans. Maybe one day(when Dave Ramsey allows)......(daydreaming of that day). 
     Anyway, my run today. I did my normal 5 minute warm-up and then ran my mile. Halfway through I just took my head phones off. I hate them. I feel like that wrap around my arms and I can't be as fluid with my shoulders and arms. Once "they" were gone my run became more fluid. I just stared at the tv's trying to zone out. I'm not really sure of my time but I will make a point of pin-pointing it tomorrow. Unless it's like 19 minutes or something. I know my friend Chas will laugh at my measly mile but I also know she is proud of anyone striving toward their goals. Thanks for that Chas. 

   I kept this "in mind" the entire run. It is so true. Especially for me. So after the mile I walked a half mile and began running again. Then "it" happened. The be all end all. I'm not saying I said bad words because bad words constitute using speech sounds that produce words. In my head it was more like what  whathareaohmgrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr as my head phone wires get tangled in my HANDS and propels my phone between my legs 10 feet behind me on the floor. OH-MY-GOSH-ARE-YOU-FOR REAL-THAT-JUST-HAPPENED-#$@$#&^%*&$#!#@!#@^%$ then a bunch of fuzzy words as I get back on the treadmill and started walking. Because, at this point I could have used my death ray stare at "the Headphones". I certainly was not running anymore because I was so mad.
 I am certain this was my face. Minus the headband. Anyone have an armband for an iphone 3gs they no longer use? (remember I'm thrifty). I know you don't want me to have that face you??????????? I cooled down, literally, mentally and physically. I ended up running a mile and walking a mile. All in all the good out weighed the bad.
 Hot, sweaty, oily and red. Anyone know the reason behind some people turning into a beet while running and others look.......normal.

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