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Cades Cove

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Retro Run and stuff you can see that's me (needing a tan) running. This is the end of the line for me about 30 yards ahead was the finish line. In this moment I had Chas telling/yelling at me to run faster and my mind telling me "your about to puke". I am shocked I didn't. I could not have done this without her talking to me the whole way. Checking my breathing, making sure I wasn't running sideways and reminding me of that rainbow (God's promise) we had most of the run. I felt guilty that she had to run with the newbie while her aunt and bestie were so far ahead. I tried to tell her to go ahead of me but apparently I'm not the only stubborn female in the world, here I thought I was unique.
Before the run, happy and nervous and wondering WHAT I was thinking. Actually most of the day and run I was thinking "what was I thinking!!???????????!!!". So, that's that. My next goal is to improve my pace and time. Nothing about that is fun. I hate hills and the heat but if I focus on the things I don't like it will override all the good things. With anything it is easier to focus on the negative things. I only know a few people that don't focus on negative all the time............gah. There is so much good in life yet negative things seem like they are ten feet tall and bullet proof. While the good things about life and people hide in a corner sucking it's thumb. I'm not perfect nor is my life. Anyway, blah blah blah as your fast forwarding to something else.
    Positive things....making goals and accomplishing them. Your mind gives up before your body does. That's me.
     It was awesome meeting up with an old friend again and meeting new positive people. Looking forward to new races and adventures. 
  On a side note....while I was laughing inside about all the uncomfortable pictures being taken of people who ran the race I found mine. Shame on me....I still wonder why photographers post the most awkward pictures of people you could ever imagine. As we all know, NO ONE ever post a bad picture of themselves on social media.


  1. Yay! You did it. You reached your goal! I'm starting a half marathon giveaway tomorrow. It's October 20th. You should sign up. You could add some longer runs on Saturday, and you're set!

    1. Thanks Lady! I had started to head over to your page when my phone let me know you commented and I was all like "yay! comments" lol. Thanks for the heads up :)