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Monday, August 6, 2012

Superior catlings and son-lings

So, if you own a cat you have an interesting life. If you have a stubborn, curious, sassy cat you get this above picture. Those treats were in an above cabinet(closed at that). She sniffs it out, opens the door, knocks them into the floor and proceeds to open the treats. Unassisted. I assure you. Miss Lily thinks she owns the kitchen table, the couch, the bed..basically anywhere she finds. What is completely ridiculous....Lily is a bad influence. Once she thought she could run across the table, bar area and couch, Ramone did  the same thing. Here is the worst human son thought it was a good idea as well.........wait...what????!!!? Yes Eric. Who guessed that? 
  I ran today around the neighborhood. Half hardheartedly I said "who wants to run around the neighborhood?".  Really, did not expect anyone to volunteer. Then...I hear "I'll go". Crap! Now I have a child who wants to run with me. Pressure, harassment, blah. No turning back. 
  When I first started running I could not run the entire neighborhood. Today, I ran without stopping. In the background I hear "wait", "Oh my ankle", " I gotta take a break".  No worries people, Eric was just fine, his ego on the other His day will come but not in elementary lol!!

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  1. haha so cute!! when we had our cat Grunt he used to hide on top of the curtins and wait for us to walk by and then sneak attack us!.. like seriously.. scaring the crap out of me.. lord if you had catnip ANYWHERE he'd find it.. didnt matter if it was in the closet on the top shelf or in your sock drawer.. he'd find a way to get it. cats are so funny. oh and btw WTG on keeping up and yet out running Eric! bet that was a self esteem booster