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Cades Cove

Sunday, June 3, 2012

I had company for this run. I decided for this "training" I would run my neighborhood. I thought I would give my neighbors something to giggle about as I struggled like a lame horse. I'd love to know if I actually looked like a lame horse. this

Either way it's not very becoming. I'd like to think someone would bring that to my attention. I figure one of my boys would tell me. Anyway, back on track. I thought I would have a peaceful run (if that's possible) alone, at the very least. But, Eric wanted to join me and assured me he could run faster and longer than me. Piff! Proved him wrong. ;) It was a decent run, it was hot and the hills killed me but I kept running until it was time to start walking again. I could have used a little less hey momma, momma, momma, momma but it did help in a way by temporarily distracting me every 30 seconds. Then Ethan joined us for the last lap. No shirt, no shoes, on the pavement running. Whadaya do..
Tomorrow starts week four. I'm excited, I guess. I wish I had a treadmill at home. Maybe one day though it may be frowned upon in a town home. I'm sure my boys are quite enough aggravation for the nice neighbors on both sides of me who don't have kids.


  1. Enoch asked me if I was having a baby three times this weekend. Rude!:) and he rubbed my belly to let me know that he really meant it looked like I was.

    There's a whole barefoot running movement that Ethan might be ready to join. He's awesome!

    1. I have an equally as rude experience. I have spider veins and I try to ignore it, but I walked by Ethan one day and I hear eww gross. So I ask, what? Those veins on your legs! Like I had a contagious flesh eating monster back there. Thanks son....I've seen something about barefoot running. Interesting for sure!

  2. jcpenney has a good selection of workout/running clothes that are fairly cheap