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Friday, August 3, 2012


Some days are grand and some days are.......................
That's a bit of a dramatic picture of myself, but I liked it and it told a story without giving details. On a side note, it's a free photo app on my phone. Free is allllllways good. 
    Some days you feel like running and some days you feel like a nut. If you had to guess which way I leaned today you may be wrong. I did "put on my big girls undies" by the way, I hate/despise/abhor that saying more than mosquito's. THAT is huge. I don't like to use any saying that people have beat into the ground------>like a dead horse. That saying is not obnoxious but rather scary and concerning. I say mosquito's because apparently this house was built on a sacred burial ground for mosquito's. I can walk to the mailbox, 10/20 yards max and need a blood transfusion and a life time supply of hydro cortisone cream. BTW, I just tried to spell hydrowhatchamicallit 4 times before I went and just got the danged tube. I spelled it right, but auto correct wants to add a space between hydro-asdfjhlakjhe. You win auto-correct, you win. 
    All that to say. I ran today. 1.5 miles and walked a mile. I had a Blueberry/peach/spinach/yogurt smoothie for breakfast. Not near as gross as it sounds. However, it does not sit on your belly very long. By the time I made it to the gym my stomach was growling...really?! Can we add that to my day as well...why not. To be optimistic, I felt like the bottom of a shoe and still left the house..better yet, went and ran (hungry and all). It's a step in the right direction. If you don't agree your welcome to come sit out on my patio with the skeeters ;) Just kidding...mostly.


  1. Hate, hate, hate mosquitoes! And good job stickin with the run! I regularly fight with my autocorrect too.:)