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Cades Cove

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Day 2

Today was the absolute perfect running weather. If only everyday was this glorious! 71 degrees! SUPER! 
I decided to stay around my neighborhood and explore a few places I had not been before. It definitely kicked my butt. It's funny when driving you really don't notice hills. That being said the training was easier today. I had cold cereal(raisin bran). I did have a few side stitches, but they went away. Nausea hit just once after running a hill and that was it! I had two dogs who joined me for a short time. A three legged husky and a cocker spaniel. Unfortunately these pretty dogs had escaped their home. The husky was found but not the Spaniel. After my cool down I got a familiar twinge in my hip. Back in the summer last year I began walking at the park and got this same pain. I think it's trochanteric  bursitis. After my exercise high it took a depressing plummet. This is Day 2 of a 2 month training. Why...why...why! I'm quite stubborn. My plan is ibuprofen and stretches. Unless my hip falls off I have zero plans to give up. So take that Bursitis. The plan is rest tomorrow and run again Friday.

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